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Meditation & Mindfulness 6 weeks online course

14th October 2020

 7.30pm till 8.30pm

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Welcome, I'm Brenda, a CBT Therapist, Law of Attraction Teacher and Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor. I am here to support you learn simple and effective techniques that will help you to get back in control and enable you to enjoy life again.


Meditation & Mindfulness

October 14th 2020

This blissful 6 week meditation and mindfulness course will equip you with the tools to overcome feeling of stress and anxiety so that you can feel calm and in control of your life. These gentle practices will help you feel a deeper sense of wellbeing and teach you strategies to help you enjoy each day in the present and with purpose.


Law  of Attraction 

Dates to be confirmed

Discover the power of the Law of Attraction in your life. Learn to become the designer of your dreams with this 8 week course. Are you ready to fulfill your dreams? The life you want does

not have to be out of reach. This course will teach you practical tools and strategies to help you  live life on your terms.



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These sessions are perfect if you would like to change your relationship with situations that trigger you so that you don’t have the uncomfortable emotional feelings behind your thoughts, helping you to be free. A variety of mindfulness principles and practices are taught during these CBT sessions designed to help you  to connect with deeper feelings of peace.

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“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”